We recently provided an end to end post-production solution forTapestry, an upcoming movie starring Stephen Baldwin, Burt Young, and Tina Louise. Technical issues required the edit delivered to the distributor, including all image and sound, to be rebuilt from the ground up from previous timelines, followed by an accelerated color pass of the source footage, and a stereo mix for final delivery, with DME split and output. A few VFX shots were also completed to remove company logos from the image, and all titles and credits were rebuilt. After all elements were approved and passed QC, the final deliverables were sent to the distributor for a 2019 release.

We also facilitated the organization and delivery of deliverables and re-authoring of the DVD for the re-release of Old Fashioned from Writer/Director Rik Swartzwelder. This included editing of the original trailers to remove messaging that was no longer valid, as well as a company logo on the front that represented the previous distributor. Once the Prores version of the film, artwork, captions, and trailer were ready, they were uploaded to the digital distributor for processing. Prohaska Studios provided consultation on where to have the DVD manufactured and how to setup as a vendor on Amazon for placement.

Various post-production services were provided for Fat Chance, an upcoming indie film from Bridgestone Multimedia Group. The final mix and Pro Tools project were organized and exported to provide proper DME (Dialog/Music/Effects) stems for foreign distribution. Due to technical issues, the final edit was re-built using old timelines and the original source footage. From there a color pass was done, titles and final credits were rebuilt, and the final exported film was delivered to the distributor. A new trailer was also cut under an accelerated schedule to meet the distributors deadline. The goal was to create something short and efficient that accentuated the inspiring and comedic elements of the film as well as the drama and faith-based message.

Paulist Productions in Los Angeles recently hired us to cut a trailer for the newly restored re-release of Romero: Collector’s Edition. In addition to cutting, mixing, and delivering the final trailer, we also created social media content and utilized Facebook advertising to launch the trailer to a nationwide audience, landing the movie in the Top 100 of Drama and #2 in the Faith & Spirituality category of Amazon.

We recently provided the organization and creation of new deliverables for 23 feature films from Doughten Films. The goal from the start was to provide a “one and done” solution, where their entire catalog could be organized, newly restored, prepared for digital release, and result in a proper folder for each film and every possible deliverable, removing any need for future post-production work.


All of them were from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, shot and mastered on film and transferred to various tape sources over the years. The hard drives provided were very old, containing digital files from various sources and ages, often untitled or titled poorly. Each film had to have it’s master located along with each audio language (most had 2-4). These masters were then synced with those languages and given basic cleanup and trimming such as black level adjustment, cropping of bad edges from analog capture, and removal of front or tail end advertisements, warnings, or black video brought in from tape capture. All films and each language were then exported to ProresHQ and labeled accordingly.


Small reference files were then created of each and delivered for subtitling and captioning. Afterwards high quality compressed versions of each film were created in various formats based on the specifications of 3 different digital platforms where they were eventually delivered, along with proper artwork sizes and metadata sheets.


in8 Releasing contacted us to provide social content creation and social management on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the theatrical release of The Samuel Project, starring Ryan Ochoa and Hal Linden.

We recently provided DVD Authoring for the multi-disc release of Dinner Conversations, a new series with Mark Lowry and Andrew Greer, Don't Give Up, a series from speaker and author Kyle Idleman. Shining Your Light, a series from author and speaker Patsy Clairmont, and the church event DVD of I Can Only Imagine and Steve McQueen: American Icon for The Erwin Brothers and City On A Hill.


In addition to those, a feature film from 2007 called The List needed to be re-authored on DVD for a fresh release. Doing this included retrieving elements from the original disc that had no master source available like behind the scenes, deleted scenes, and audio commentaries. These elements were demuxed (not ripped and re-compressed) from the original disc in a non-destructive way for re-use. After that, new DVD menus were created, a new compressed master of the film was created, and the disc itself was authored, with a new DVD Cover designed to package it all together.


Video marketing services were provided to WTA Group and Sight & Sound theaters for the theatrical Fathom release of Moses. Clips from the film and various behind the scenes interviews were edited and delivered in 16x9 and 1x1 format for advertising. A pre-show video was also created for the release, utilizing previously edited content and new “Fun Fact” title animations.

MattGVideo, a local production company in Nashville, hired us to edit highlight videos for 12 weddings filmed during the summer of 2018. The edits were then approved and project files delivered for coloring and finishing elsewhere.

We were recently contacted by Will Fraser, a filmmaker in the UK, about cutting a trailer for his documentary Cowboy & Preacher in a matter of days in order to make a film festival deadline. After watching the movie and taking notes we quickly laid out a structure, put together an initial cut for feedback, and had a final 4K master cut, mixed, and delivered in time for the premiere.

We were hired by Ribbow Media Group to provide social and ad content creation for the theatrical release of Beautifully Broken, Russ Taff: I Still Believe, and the DVD & Digital release of God’s Not Dead: A Light In Darkness, including memes, social banners, video optimization, and thumb creation.

Throughout 2017 and 2018 we facilitated the organization, compression, and delivery of over 100 titles to digital platforms like Amazon, Vudu, Tubi, and others. This included filling out the proper metadata information per title and platform and creating properly sized vertical and horizontal versions of the key art from the source design, as well as ordering properly formatted subtitle files. No films were rejected for errors upon delivery.